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8. Webpages


Communication via the web is ubiquitous; therefore, it is critical that your websites and webpages, which you control, be made as accessible as possible.


Is the site using headers correctly (H1-H6 tags used in hierarchical, sequential order; no more than two h1 tags; and header tags denote section titles)?  Can keyboard-only users see where the tab key has moved (visual focus)?  Does the tab key move in a logical order (tab order)?  Can they interact with the webpage (operation)?  Do form fields announce themselves to assistive technology (screen readers)?  Is the webpage clearly divided into logical sections (banner, navigation, main content, side content, footer)?  Is the color contrast for text adequate for low vision and color blind users?  Is color alone being used to designate a status (shapes and patterns should also be used)?  Does link text make sense when removed from its context (link text must be descriptive:  no “click here”)?


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