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5. Software


Some software products are chosen by the university and are requirements or standards of the university; other software products required for your courses may be at your discretion.  Within these software products, it is important to keep accessibility in mind as you develop your course plans.

This category of required software includes Learning Management Systems such as Blackboard, Moodle, Compass, and D2L.  Course Software includes:

  • Aleks
  • Mathematica
  • Zoom


Are you aware of limitations, if any, of the software you use or will be using in your course?  If there are limitations, what alternatives may you use, e.g., Word documents?  Presumably the university has researched the university-purchased software and can answer your questions about the accessibility of the product.  Contact your university disability office or center for teaching and learning regarding their evaluation of the software product and the accommodations they suggest.  For instance, that unit can determine if the software is keyboard accessible or if there is sufficient color contrast between text and background.  What is their plan for accommodating a student who cannot access materials?  Does the venue impact accessibility – taking the course whether in the classroom or at a distance?

If you are the purchaser, provide information to the university well before you obtain the software.  It is up to you to be sure the university is aware of your intent to acquire the software as well as whether it has been thoroughly tested for accessibility.  For example, many systems that are generally accessible through an auto-conversion require manual conversion of mathematical formulas.

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