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Ten Principles for Enhancing Course Accessibility and Quality for All Students

System-wide Value Statement

In order to serve our students with excellence, the faculty, staff, and administration of the University of Illinois System will make our teaching and learning accessible.  Accessibility will be offered for all students in “an equally effective and equally integrated manner,”* recognizing the applicable federal and state accessibility laws as well as other university policies.
The University of Illinois System strives to be proactive:

  • To fully realize the potential of all our students,
  • To promote and protect our courses, the valuable assets that are the instruments of our teaching and learning, and
  • To set University standards for the attainability of accessibility and the added value it brings.

 * Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973

The Purpose of this List

Federal legislation mandates that the University of Illinois System provide reasonable accommodations that afford equal opportunity to all students.  Achieving reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities involves shared responsibility across the academic enterprise, most critically in the delivery of your courses to students. 

These legal requirements for reasonable accommodations are not optional, and failure to address them leaves the institution vulnerable to legal challenge and penalties.

This list is designed to serve as a quick reference for some of the most important issues and adjustments that you should make in your courses to accommodate students with disabilities.  It is designed to help you organize your courses in a step-by-step approach without being unduly burdensome on you.  Your university’s disability services office, as well as teaching and learning centers, will serve as a resource when you have questions or concerns.  They are a great support and source of assistance with accessibility issues.

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