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Start your education at an Illinois community college and later transfer to the University of Illinois. Why? Affordability, career options, higher earnings, and a healthier life are all reasons that you should consider.


The U of I System is committed to holding the line on tuition and fulfilling its land-grant mission of access and affordability. Offering more grants and scholarships, our three universities are committed to widening doors of opportunity to more talented students.

  • 75% of Fall 2021 in-state transfer sudents receive some form of financial aid*
  • 1 in 4 Illinois resident undergraduate students have their tuition and fees fully covered
  • $258M in financial aid to undergraduate students in 2020-2021
  • 2 in 3 Illinois resident undergraduate students pay less than full tuition and fees

​      *Includes federal CARES/HEERF aid and state GEER aid provided in response to the Covid 19 pandemic

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Higher Earnings

Median earning of full-time employees by educational attainment (2020):

  • Less than High School Diploma: $27,040
  • High School Diploma: $40,612
  • Associate Degree: $48,776
  • Bachelor’s Degree: $67,860

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Healthier Life

According to the College Board and numerous studies*, having a college degree is associated with a healthier lifestyle, potentially reducing health care costs.


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Statewide Impact of Transfers

The University of Illinois has a large impact on transfer throughout the state of Illinois. Our current student body includes transfer students from all 48 Illinois community colleges, and almost a third of our undergraduate degrees handed out at our May 2022 graduation ceremonies were to former transfer students.

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