Petition for Determination of Residency Status

To submit a petition you must be an admitted student.

The petition must be completed in full. You are not permitted to add new information after the petition is submitted.

The petition must be received and date stamped at the appropriate office by:

  • September 30 for the fall term
  • February 15 for the spring term
  • June 20 for the summer term

Late petitions will not be reviewed.

Please attach copies (not originals) of any supporting documents you believe provide proof of establishment of bona fide residence.

The completed paper-copy petition should be sent to the appropriate office, as named on page four of the petition.

Accessing the Petition

Paper copies of the petition are available in the Offices of Admissions and Records at UIC, the Office of the Registrar at UIUC, and the Office of Enrollment Management at UIS.

The petition is also available for download in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF). 

Download the Petition for Determination of Residency Status