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Residency Information

Illinois Tuition Classification

The University of Illinois is a public institution supported by funds derived from Illinois tax revenue. Therefore, students moving to Illinois from another state or country enrolling at the University of Illinois in a program of study are presumed to be in Illinois for educational purposes and will be classified as nonresident students for admissions and tuition purposes. 

One of the principal determinants of residency status is the students' domicile, or home. Students who come to the University of Illinois from another state and enroll in a degree program shall be presumed to have come to the state of Illinois primarily for educational purposes rather than to establish a home, or domicile, in Illinois. Similarly, if the relocation of a dependent student’s spouse, parent, or legal guardian to Illinois coincides with their enrollment in a program of study at the University of Illinois, the student will be classified as a nonresident for admissions and tuition purposes.

If nonresident students wish to become resident students for admission and tuition purposes, it is their obligation to prove that they have come to the state of Illinois for reasons other than education. Individuals who come to Illinois primarily for educational purposes generally do not qualify as Illinois residents for tuition purposes, even after living in Illinois for a year or more.

The person seeking in-state residency status has the burden of establishing that they satisfy the requirements and standards set forth in this policy. Please thoroughly read through the policy and all of the frequently asked questions before proceeding. Per the policy, the decision of the University of Illinois System Appeals Committee is final.

If the applicant (or representative/parent/guardian/spouse of the applicant) engages in any form of harassment or intimidation of University staff during or after the processing of the application or appeal (e.g., excessive emails/phone calls, in-person visits or phone calls demanding review or an answer, or not following the policy/appeals process as outlined), the review of the application will be discontinued and appropriate action will be taken if necessary.

Information about In-state and Out-of-state Residency

It is important to understand that the staff do not serve in a consultant role to aid/assist you in meeting the requirements of the policy. Nor do the staff provide feedback on the details of a denied application. Please refer to the Requirements and the Frequently Asked Questions for guidance. If there are questions about the process or how to access the application, please refer to the following contacts:

Urbana: (217) 333-6565 (

Chicago: (312) 996-4350 (

Springfield: (217) 206-4847 (