Public Engagement

What is the project: This University-wide collaboration is based on the UIUC Public Engagement (PE) Portal, developed by the Office for Mathematics, Science, and Technology Education (MSTE) in the College of Education.  That project was coordinated and funded by UIUC’s Office of Public Engagement with the goal of gathering and distributing information on the myriad public engagement activities of the campus’ faculty and staff. The University-wide project will expand the portal to include all three campuses of to include all three campuses of the University of Illinois and University Administration.  This will consist of a common backend database and customized front ends (websites) for each campus.  This project seeks to maximize the visibility as well as minimize the reporting workload of public engagement programs and events.

Who is involved: Public Service Portal Advisory Group – Michael Redding, Miguel Alba, Kimberly Charles, Marti Gutierrez, Derek Schnapp, Mark Dochterman, Joan Sestak, Vernon Huber, Blake Wood, Pradeep Khanna, Beth Kirchgesner, Michael McKelvey, Sarah Zehr, George Reese, Teri Karpman and Marilyn Marshall.


  • August 2016: The University of Illinois Public Engagement page is live and located on UAPS website as well as from Public Engagement page on University website.