Chicago Public School Activities

The University of Illinois is committed to developing programs that will increase the number of students, particularly underrepresented minorities, from the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) who enroll in and graduate from the campuses of the University of Illinois. As evidence, this website is being launched to document the relationships already in place even as the two systems seek new and better ways to ensure the success of our mutual students.

This website illustrates the depth of the partnership between the two systems in the number and scope of programs offered by the University with the faculty, students, and staff of the CPS. Many of the programs listed here include outreach across the state of Illinois but all have some component offered with the CPS. They range in scope from early childhood literacy, to summer camps for high school students, to scholarships for college to research partnerships.

The list is as complete and current as the information we have, and the website is under frequent refinement as programs evolve. Please contact us with suggestions for additions or corrections.

Program Type
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Program NameCampusAudienceDisciplineProgram Type
African-American Cultural Center UIC
AHS Health Careers Open House UIC High School Students Health Sciences Early Outreach, College Readiness
All Learn Mathematics Project UIC Elem/Middle Students Mathematics Early Outreach
American Migrations Project UIC Elem/Middle Students, High School Students, Teachers Education Professional Development
August Wilson Monologue Competition UIC High School Students Language Arts/Literacy, Fine Arts Early Outreach, Student Support, College Readiness
Bachelor of Arts in Urban Education - General Education Courses UIC Elem/Middle Students, High School Students Education Early Outreach, Community Outreach
BFA/BA Program Auditions UIC High School Students Fine Arts Early Outreach, Recruitment
Botany Education in Elementary Schools UIC Elem/Middle Students, Teachers Science Early Outreach
Bully-Proofing Your Classroom UIUC Teachers Social Sciences Community Outreach
Campus Visits Programs UIUC High School Students Recruitment
Center for Economic Education UIC Elem/Middle Students, High School Students, Teachers Business Early Outreach, Professional Development
Center for Literacy (Parent and Family Engagement Programs) UIC Elem/Middle Students, Parents Language Arts/Literacy, Business Early Outreach, Community Outreach
Center for Research on Women and Gender UIC
Center for the Mathematics Education of Latinos/as (CEMELA) UIC Elem/Middle Students, High School Students, Teachers, University Mathematics, Education Early Outreach, Professional Development, College Readiness
Center for Urban Education Leadership UIC Teachers, Administrators Education Professional Development, Research, Research
Centers for Cultural Understanding and Social Change UIC Elem/Middle Students, High School Students, Community, University Early Outreach, HS to College Transition, Student Support, Disability Services, Recruitment, College Readiness
CHANCE for CHANGE Summer Youth S.T.E.M CAMP UIC High School Students Engineering/STEM Early Outreach, Recruitment, College Readiness
CHANCE Program UIC University Education Student Support
CHANCE Program Partners UIC Elem/Middle Students, High School Students, Community, University Agriculture/Env. Science Early Outreach, HS to College Transition, Recruitment, Community Outreach
CHANCE Saturday College Program UIC High School Students Mathematics, English HS to College Transition, College Readiness
Chez Family Scholarship Program UIUC University HS to College Transition, Student Support, Recruitment, Financial Assistance
Chicago Home Composting Program UIUC Elem/Middle Students, High School Students, Community, Parents Agriculture/Env. Science Community Outreach
Chicago Leadership Collaborative UIC Administrators Education Recruitment, Professional Development
Chicago Master Gardeners UIUC Community Agriculture/Env. Science Community Outreach
Chicago Public Schools Admitted Student Program UIUC High School Students HS to College Transition, Recruitment


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